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MAN heavy truck cab sundries box complex injection molds
The mold for the production of heavy-duty truck cab Germany MAN sundries box complex injection molds. Cavity mold materials imported from Germany 1.2738, cores using P20, sliders and all plastic parts made of imported P20 steel bits. Mold weight 8 tons, the production cycle 70 days, the mold is a large injection molding.

1. The mold for the German heavy truck company MAN customer development, specifically for the German MAN company HOWO heavy truck cab interiors sundries box production. Products forming area, the structure is very complex, increasing the difficulty of making a mold of the release mechanism;
2. The mold parting design uses multiple classification, to keep the product out of the mold upside down angle and injection equipment running in the same direction, using the first contraction after the top, repeatedly typing techniques on a release mechanism inside inlaid with Small slip block structure and innovative oblique slider combination, through the use of high-speed machining center for precision machining precision molds and other molded parts sliders to ensure the overall accuracy of the mold and molded parts.

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