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Large injection mould made by China plastic mould maker

Injection Mould for Automotive Glove box Infighting made by China plastic Mould maker

This mould is uesd for Automotive Glove box Infighting, weight 11T, mould production cycle 65 days, the mould is a large injection mould.

Mold Design Features
1.1. In order to prevent the product from the slider slide strain within the slider design of a small slider mechanism and ejection mechanism within the slider. Mainly due to the slider inside, the space is too small

2.Pulling the slider away from large, according to the traditional design, mold is too large to fit into the injection molding machine. So using a cylinder built at the bottom of the slider slider movement driven approach;

3.Due to the slope of the top of the mold used, the hook on the top of the slant direction is not possible to do. Used for this purpose within the slider to set the lifter mechanism to achieve Pulling. The equivalent of a small slider interior design mold. The difficulty of making such agencies is how to ensure a top inner core pulling out and reset, so organizations with spring ejection. Reset is extended to the outside top of the slide plate and the movable mold frame design 2 stopper, when the slider is reset by the stopper will be forced to reset the top of the board to achieve a smooth inner pumping mechanism the work;

4.Due to customer needs, mold aspect of ribs can not be changed, so the use of angled top of the program to achieve product release, and the vertical direction (the direction of the mold) has a large angle of 42 degrees, making the top of this angled out of the mold, using a five-axis CNC machining. At the same time in order to ensure a smooth top mold, the mold and ejector plate with the lateral position of increased self-lubricating wear plate;

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