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Superior Difficult Mould Made by China plastic Mould Maker

TRI Color and TRI Station automotive lamp mould made by China Plastic Mould Maker

The mold is used to produce automobile headlight tricolor three injection mold which belongs to medium-sized injection mold.

Mould major performance and features

1.This product is composed of three materials exist common intersection point, with three-station injection molding technology, the positioning of the mold surface machining accuracy of the rotation and make high demands.
2.Analysis and control of molding temperature to solve the problem of warpage of molded parts, establish the temperature field distribution based on mold flow analysis, for different rotation of the mold cavity members uneven cooling, to achieve shrinkage balance.

Key technologies of the mould

1.plastic surface into the plastic design technology;

2.parting with each other rotational control technology
3.A variety of colors of plastic in the molten state weld lines color isolation technology

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